Workshop Prices

Every child has a role to play!…

The Cost

£130 + VAT per session (over 30 children: each additional child £4.05)

These prices are based on 'class size' groups.
All CREW© workshops have 30-40 interactive opportunities for volunteers. So, we really mean......

Every child has a role to play!

CREW© is a flexible service, committed to serving its clients and will happily present sessions to larger groups if requested.

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A few of the testimonials received by CREW School clients:

 It was great to have so many 'hands on' artefacts and costumes.  Children said: "it was a fun way to learn", "he got us all up", "it was good to re-enact stuff", "Mr Tom was beliveable and fun"! 

Victorian Child - Little Green Junior School  Rickmansworth

My class loved this workshop.  It was lovely to see the children so excited about materials.  It was also an amazing performance which all pupils, including EAL pupils, could access.

Materials - Cranford Primary School London

All the children were engaged and involved in the workshop.  Good balance between learning facts and interactive role play.  I'd always book a CREW workshop over any other provider.

Tudors - The Hyde Primary School London

After the Materials workshop with CREW I didn't think you could top it - but you did!  Fantastic! The children had a brilliant time and learned through play and laughter.  Thank you. 

Push Start - Bishops Stortford College Pre-prep

Children all followed and were very engaged. Nearly everyone got to take part physically which is great and workshop was accessible to all levels of understanding/English.  Great!

Toys - Winns Primary School London

Super interactive session with no pauses! Children all engaged and taking part, focused and listening.  Excellent props and resources.

This Old House - George Spicer Primary School