Yr6 CSI Workshop

Clued-Up or Clueless: The Science of Crime!

Challenge your children to use their senses, memories and minds in order to solve our mind-boggling, crime-cracking Murder Mystery. During this game show the winning Crime Squad will use their senses, observations and analytical skills to scientifically solve the Murder Mystery crime. Applying real life science skills in a ‘Real Life’ situation to prove that they are the best CSI Agents in the class.

This transition project is designed to inspire Upper KS2 children to employ the following Scientific Skills, in preparation for their Secondary School careers:

  • Planning and Predicting
  • Obtaining and Presenting
  • Considering and Evaluating
  • Collaboration and Communication

Each of these Transition workshops are supported by a teachers pack, providing you with enough games, activities and tasks to really put your children to the test.

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Year 6 Transition Workshops