Literacy & Drama

KS1 and KS2: Storytelling Workshop

‘Once upon a time…’ four magical words that will take you on a journey to the farthest reaches of your imagination. Equipped with knowledge and know-how, creating a story is child’s play. The possibilities are endless.

Let our storyteller give you the tools to unravel the secrets of what makes a great story. Protagonists, places and plots all reside in his magical bag. So join in the adventure and together enjoy the wonderful world of storytelling. Everyone loves a tell tale.

Our aim is to mesmerise both children and adults as our highly skilled storytellers become animated in their quest to deliver highly captivating and enthralling stories.

Get Specific

Use our sessions to inspire reading, to aid creative writing projects or as a special treat for your children. Make a request to have your story presented to your class by our storyteller in a tailor-made session. Contact us for more information.

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