Early Years Foundation Stage Workshops

Through the use of drama, music and movement our early years foundation stage workshops encourages the discovery of new ideas and experiences.  At the start of a young child’s journey into the world of education it is important that they are given a positive start.  The aim of these early years workshops is to use the world around them to development their numeracy and literacy skills whilst helping them harness the ability to create positive relationships and develop their emotional and social well being.


Cornelius Goes to Market

Solve the number problems to help Cornelius make his birthday cake!

  • Counting
  • Bigger / Less than
  • Songs and Sharing
  • Number labels, counting and calculating

PHSE: Verbal Communication Skills

Cornelius Goes to School

Help Cornelius discover the right way to behave with new people and places!

  • Puppets
  • Angry or Happy
  • People and Places
  • Sharing and Caring

Social and emotional development.


Cornelius Goes to the Seaside

Build your unique story from all the story elements at the seaside!

  • Puppets
  • Story Structure
  • Feelings
  • Places
  • Communication language and literacy
Foundation Primary School Workshops
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