Mar 16, 2015


CREW Schools in partnership with The Rifles Berkshire and Reading Regimental Museum are really enjoying delivering the heritage lottery funded WWI 'Lest we Forget' project. It has been very rewarding watching young children with their enquiring minds embrace this part of history.  

 CREW schools would like to take this opportunity to thank the heritage lottery fund and The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum for allowing us to bring to life this important aspect of history to primary schools in Wiltshire and Reading.

We are now having an equally great time with the King's Royal Hussars Museum and the children in primary schools in and around Preston.



The workshop was absolutely fantastic!  The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, it really opened their eyes to the reality of war.  Moorlands Primary Berkshire

A highly engaging and informative workshop. I would reccommend this to anyone - children and adults will learn and laugh. Thank you! Greentrees Primary Wiltshire

Apr 30, 2012

We are always happy to receive post from school who have enjoyed our workshops.  Lucie Delicata, a reception class teacher from Balgowan Primary School, sent us this lovely piece of work from one of her pupils along with the following message:

‘I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the workshop you performed on 21st March 2012 at Balgowan Primary School .

One of my Reception pupils drew a picture of two toys (as asked) and wrote you a message, completely independently, which I’ve scanned for you (shame it didn’t come out clearer).  She was able to identify some features that showed them to be old toys rather than new, as I’ve indicated on the sheet.


I hope you like it.’



An old doll with tangled hair

We most definitely do like it! Thank you so much and keep the work coming in!

Sep 6, 2011

Hope you are all rested. The trouble with having a break is that once the body has turned off auto pilot, it needs a lot of help to get it started again…well that’s what I am finding! Anyway, welcome back and if it is anything like the last year, we’ll be saying ‘Hooray 6 weeks off’ before you know it.


Over the summer while not visiting schools we have been working on our two new workshops Greeks and Storytelling we are particularly excited about story telling as it allows the children to be really creative with their ideas and learn a lot without even realising it!


We are also running our CREW Van Vouchers awards scheme this year, where schools can have a FREE workshop session on collection of only 5 vouchers. For every workshop your school books, our staff when visiting your school will give you a Voucher Reward Board (first visit) and a sticker voucher. So get collecting and remember the school collects the voucher, not the teacher so get gathering.


Visiting your school and getting your children enthused and enjoying the workshop is always very rewarding for us, and it is made all the more so when we receive the great pictures and stories that you send to us, we always run out of wall space during the year! So we have decided to have a CREW on line Gallery so that we can display some of the wonderful work the children send to us.

Lastly, we are training new staff next week, so you can look forward to seeing some new faces visiting your school this year as well as the old mingers.


Here’s to another year ahead!

Jul 1, 2011

Dear CREW,


I am writing with regards to the Ancient Egyptian workshop we had put on by you on Tuesday 21st June. I wanted to leave feedback for Mortimer (I think his real name was John-I do apologise if I’ve got it wrong) We thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and all 3 groups of children were captivated by the performance and experience. They all took part and joined in with the workshop and each and every one of them have learned something new. The children were buzzing when they came out and as a consequence are really enjoying their Ancient Egyptian topic. I would like to say a big Thank you from the year 3 teachers and staff here at Grange Park. We all enjoyed the day and hope to book again next year for the new cohort. We are also looking into some of the other workshops you do as a result.

Once again we thank you,


Lucy Murphy

Grange Park Primary School

Mar 14, 2011

Here, at the CREW office, we are always thrilled to receive letters and pictures from children who have enjoyed our workshops.  We were especially delighted when we were sent a neatly bound file of letters from Class Two of the Granville School in Sevenoaks.  It was full of illustrated letters from the class in response to the Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole workshop they experienced last month.  Below are just a few examples of what we received – thank you Class Two!


The Gratitude of Class Two


The Gratitude of Class Two

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