Quality Guarantee

All our workshops follow the CREW© quality guarantee. Meaning it will be built up of the following elements:

Every Child has a role to play
Hands on
Interactive Drama
Artefacts Handling
Laugh, Listen and Learn

All CREW© products use an exciting array of interactive drama techniques, artefacts, props, and costume to bring the National Curriculum to life in your school.

Every Child has a role to play

All CREW© sessions are designed to be presented to class size groups which allows CREW© to fulfill its interactive remit and directly involve each and every child in the experience. With every single member of your class being given the opportunity to use an artefact, or wear an appropriate piece of costume and or take part in the dramatic presentation of the subject. However whilst this is how the sessions are designed we will adapt and present sessions to larger groups (whole year groups, etc.) upon your request, when booking.

“All children were enthralled and gripped. CREW© kept them all focused and addressed pupils individual needs including SEN. Very impressed. The children’s understanding of the subject is much clearer now.”
Dionne Thompson, Essex Primary School

“The children loved it and even my most shy children were happy to get involved.”
Miss O’Neill, Chase Bridge Primary.

Hands On

All sessions are presented in a way that totally involves the audience allowing them to participate wherever possible, this provides for an active learning experience that captivates and enthuses the children within the chosen subject.

“Excellent opportunity to handle the things themselves children loved it.”
Mrs Ahmad, Viking Primary School.

Interactive Drama

All sessions utilise drama techniques to draw the audience into the subject and ensure that this is done so with a process that involves the children every step of the way.

“This is one of the best productions that I’ve ever seen in our school.”
Yr 5 teacher, Rushmore Primary School

Artefacts Handling

CREW© sessions all use a variety of original artefacts which are incorporated into the storyline/concept of the workshops to allow a first hand experience of history or science.

“CREW© involved all the children. Brilliant resources.”
Mrs O’Callaghan St George’s RC.

Laugh, Listen and Learn

The team at CREW© firmly believe that children learn more effectively through enjoyment. With every CREW© session we will try to enthuse your class so much that they will spend the rest of the term feeling involved and interested in the subject covered.

“The session was fanstastic! All children participated and were learning and having fun. Super stuff.”
Darshana Patel, Grimsdyke School.

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