An Introduction to CREW©

Who are CREW©

CREW© are committed to making delivery of information as easy as possible, interpreting facts to any audience, anywhere anytime. As we like to say ‘interpretation is the name of the game’, that’s why whether we are working in schools, museums, attractions or companies we take your subject matter and ensure everyone Laughs, Listens and Learns.


CREW© have a long track record of applying a refreshingly creative approach to information interpretation, presenting a concept or storyline in a manner that ensures maximum enjoyment and absorption by the targeted audience/ reader. These abilities and skills have been acquired through experience gained working with all types of audiences, all types of concepts (from environmental issues to the Forces, from Pre History to Victorians) in all types of venues (from schools, play centres, and community groups to national museums and international science festivals).


All CREW© products are designed to directly support the target subject matter! During all presentations and written material we strive to utilise words, phrases and concepts carefully chosen to help reinforce the information to be absorbed by the audience.  So don’t be surprise when we make a strange noise, pull a funny face or produce an object that seems totally irrelevant…it all makes sense in the end.


We pride ourselves on being able to strike a perfect balance between education and enjoyment, often achieving unprecedented results through strictly adhering to the motto, “Laugh, Listen and Learn” CREW©. We also pride ourselves on the ability to marry both the client organisation and their audience together by advising the client in appropriate ways to present information to their chosen audience, bearing in mind such issues as age, cultural background, ability and group dynamics.


CREW© workshops range hugely in their styles and format, from large, dramatic, interactive, audience experiences to intimate information explanations, from interactive historical drama characters to approachable science concept interpreters, from rowdy raucous game shows to calming creative ‘make and take’ workshops. Whatever the venue/audience requirements we can provide the workshop! CREW© also offer other mediums of information interpretation e.g. written, illustrated or audiovisual interpretation as well as consultancy in interpretative staff training and audience targeting. (See CREW Training for more information).

(See CREW Training for more information).

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Crew Primary School Workshops
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